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D'Amore Music Entertainment - Johor Bahru Wedding Live Band

Band Members

Rynn Chong - Vocalist


Rynn Chong is the founder of D'Amore Music Entertainment, a Johor Bahru based live band. Music is her life as her passion on music has continued for nearly 20 years" She started to sing since she was 4 years old. She graduated in Piano Grade 6 and self-learner on Guitar.
Instantly, she did compose more than 20 songs based on her past experiences and life stories.  Rynn Chong has a very large selection of songs consisting of Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay languages, and covers all genres ensuring there is something for all ages. 




Awards: -
- Year 1995-2000, she always got the first place in singing competition held in  primary school, she even represented her school to participate in several inter-school singing competitions.

- Year 2004, one of my song (怀疑的爱情) as first runner - up in a song compose competition in Johor.                                                           

- Year 2003-2008, as vocalist at various cafes in Johor Bahru & Kuala        
Lumpur such as Halo cafe (海螺民歌厅), Wings cafe, Feeling café

- Year 2006, joined (马遥歌曲创作交流站) and shared my own composed. 

- Year 2006, participated (光明追星大赛) as finalist contestant in nationwide. 

 - Year 2007, Malaysia Project Superstar (绝对Superstar) Top 4 Female
Finalist organized by 8TV.

  - Year 2007, Project Superstar (绝对Superstar) 十强专辑 released in the market.                                                          Project Superstar Top 10 roadshow tour (绝对Superstar十强全马专辑宣传会) had                                                               done in whole Malaysia included East and West Malaysia. 

- Year 2007, special guest in the program in Malaysia 8TV (88六十事) and 98.8FM radio station for 广播剧

 - Year 2008, started with Wedding/ Corporate Live Band performance in Kuala Lumpur                                                        and continuously in year 2011 penetrated into Wedding Live Band's                                                                                          market  in Johor Bahru until now, performed more than 600 wedding live band performance. 

- Year 2015, chosen by Tally Press & Vulcanpost.com, Online Press, as "Malaysia's TOP 10 Wedding Live Bands"


Yts Chuen - Keyboardist cum Vocalist

Chuen possesses 3 years experience in music and entertainment industry. His great passion in music makes his full time career to be a piano and keyboard  instructor in Comet Music Center.  

Occasionally, he is invited to perform on wedding events as keyboardist cum vocalist.


Vincent Lee - Guitarist cum Vocalist

 Vincent Lee has been enjoying unplugged singing since high school. At the very beginning, his pure intention was just about singing and play fun for himself. However, when he started to perform on the stage at cafes, then it has changed his mind to be passionately  performing in wedding event.

He likes to dedicate English oldies, Mandarin pop songs and some other sentimental songs that are really able to bring the audience joyful and touching elements.


Desmond Hor - Guitarist cum Vocalist

Desmond is currently an undergraduate of Degree in Bachelor of Music, Lasalle College, major in composition. He has been playing guitar since 2009. He has experience in doing professional music production / arrangement for commercial purpose.

Currently, he also work as producer / artist at Johor Bahru local band Delhi's EVE. He has performed at various wedding and corporate events in Johor Bahru.


 Jack Yong - Drummer

Jack Yong is a fully fledged drummer. He has been performing as a professional drummer since year 2002. He has performed at various functions(weddings, charity concerts, companies annual dinner, etc) and places( pub, bistro,discos, padang,etc ). He was helping some artists' backup drummer, such as  Taiwan artists and Singapore Mediacorp artists. He obtained his London Rock School Drum Advance certificate at 2010. He is a well experienced drum tutor since year 2003.