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What our clients say!

"All guests like your voice, your singing delighted everyone. Many thanks to Rynn's team" - Phyllis Lee Shi Min (9 November 2014 @ Sutera Pekin Restaurant, JB)

"非常满意你们全体的表演” [I'm very satisfied the performance shown by your team] - Jack Loo (16 November 2014 @ 海龙王海鲜酒楼, JB)

"my guests have given a good comment on your singing performance, thanks for your team's effort for making the crowd contented" - Desmond Lee (15 November 2014 @ Restaurant Hock Hwa, Yong Peng)

"非常满意11月23号的表演,谢谢你不舒服还到场...........谢谢你告诉我这一句“这是我的责任”让我放心交给你!很遗憾不能有你表演,不过你的团队都很棒,朋友们都很喜欢。这就是你所说的物超所值.....朋友需要live band我会大力推荐你!喜欢你的服务!值得!"- Esther Yen (23 November 2014 @ Sutera Pekin Restaurant, JB)

" thank you so much! I super love your performance! nice voice and nice band!" - Jia Ming & Shen Na (19 Sep 2014 @ 中华楼,Kluang)

"Big thank you to both of you for making our wedding dinner a special and memorable one. We and our guest truly enjoy the night. Many praises from the floor. Some still "shalala" until the next morning. LOL " - Chung Nam and Hui Zhi ( 27 Dec 2014 @ Horizon Hill New Cathay, JB) 

"Thanks Rynn, nice show tonight. I like it very much. All of our guests also like your performance tonight." - Lala Pang & Kiki Lo ( 2 May 2015 @ Kulai Cathay Restaurant, Johor) 

"太棒了!我老公说可以再唱吗?因为我们俩都没好好坐着听,好多朋友都赞不绝口你们的表演,他们都有拿你的联络号码了哦~ 你真的唱的好好,气氛都很好,进场的那首超棒 !" - Irene Ng & Chong Yuen (24 May 2015 @ Bukit Indah Loon Shin Restaurant, Johor) 

"顺利完成,谢谢你们的团队,你们都表演得很棒,很好听~ 给你掌声大大声!" - Chong Kim Foo & Bernice ( 7 July 2015 @ Cathay Restaurant Kulai, Johor)

(IBS Parents' Day Celebration @ 21 June 2015, Bukit Indah Loon Sheng Restaurant) 
"你唱得太好听了,加油" - Hui Teng 
"好听" - Ho Kai Siang 
"很棒很棒,很好听, 气氛也很棒" - Gino 
"Nice Performance! 很棒的演出, 期待再和你们合作,我的伙伴们都很满意" - Eugene Tan 
"真的很满意,我的选择没错,很满意,歌手和乐手" - Stef Wong 

" Thank you so much for the great performance on the night! We do enjoy so much~ Keep it up!! " - Wen Wai & Ee Ling (27 June 2015 @ Mutiara Hotel, JB)

"Many thanks to you and Vincent for making our dinner special and enjoyable. All our guests really like your performance. Some of them are asking for your contacts because they are also looking for wedding singer" - Victor & Talia (12 Sept 2015 @ Swiss Hotel, SG)

"Great thanks to Rynn Chong and her members who had did awesome performance during our wedding ceremony. And she also introduced us handsome emcee to host our ceremony. You really did a outstanding performance. Keep your passion!!!" - Teo Peck Hoon & Shim Chung Yee ( 3 Oct 2015@ Pulai Spring Resort, JB )

"Rynn, thanks for everything, I enjoy the night you brought all the songs. Sorry if my audience not too fancy about songs but no worry, I'm truly love your voice and performance. You look stunning! Most important is thanks for the song you sing for us. That's wonderful. Thanks. "  - Gan & Joyce ( 31 Oct 2015@ Sutera Pekin, JB)

"Live Band Superstar! 她是一位很有才华的女歌手,婚宴Live欢迎联络她。虽然那天只是和她见过一次面,但私下和她聊天,感觉很棒哦~ 很开心可以认识你"  -  Felycia & CK Ngan ( 1 Nov 2015 @ Sutera Pekin, JB )

"谢谢D'Amore Music Entertainment 非常专业的 live band 团队,非常会搞气氛及歌声一流的歌手Rynn Chong, 非常有亲和力和带动力,婚姻必备的live band 之一, thank you Rynn Chong, I definitely will recommend you to my friends" - Lucas & Joey ( 5 Dec 2015 @ Sungei Rengit ) 

"强力推荐,因为他们唱歌真的很好听!谢谢你们很棒的表演,专业的配合及提示,让我可以顺利完成歌唱的部分" - Siao Xian & Houe Wei (29 Nov 2015 @ Horizon Hill New Cathay)

"Credit to Rynn and her guitarist to create such atmosphere on that night and we enjoyed it! Would definitely recommended them to others!! Well done D'Amore Music Entertainment - Johor Bahru" - Ivan Lee & Cynthia (25 Jun 2016 @ Lucky Palace, Melaka)



It's our PLEASURE that D'Amore Live Band is selected as "Malaysia's TOP 10 Wedding Live Bands" in Online Press, Tally Press & Vulcanpost.com.  

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